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Shalina Private Coffee Blends
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BRAZIL BLENDBrazil Blend has a subtle and soft taste.
CUSTOM HOUSE BLENDOur exclusive blending of the world's finest beans."Old Reliable" Smooth body, bright balanced flavor.
FRENCH ROAST BLENDDarkest roast. Heavy and zesty. "Dark and rich, full-bodied French tradition."
JAMAICAN BLUE MOUNTAIN BLENDCapturing Jamaican Blue Moutain's silky body profile and blended to greater richness-truly an exotic blend.
KONA BLENDFull rich body of Genuine Kona blended to balanced consistent perfection.
MOCHA-JAVA BLENDFamous classic blend fine tuned to bring a balance of snappy Harrar Mocha and rich Java.
THE BREAKFAST BLEND"A mild, light-bodied and flavourful coffee with crisp acidity."
VIENNESE BLENDSweet and bodiful, blended to perfection.