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Shalina's Coffee
Shalina's Premium Coffee... What's Shalina's secret?

Shalina's Premium Coffee... What's Shalina's secret?

Hand Picked, prized 100% Arabica Coffee Beans are roasted by hot air in small batches, under close supervision to ensure distinctive flavor, rich taste and mouth-watering aroma.  Savor any of our select coffees and each will entice you to linger.

 Several years ago, the finest cruise line in the world, SilverSea Cruises went looking for the best coffee in the world. They sampled coffee from roasters everywhere. Finally, they got around to South Florida. Thay asked all of the gourmet coffee roasters in the area for samples, they did a blind taste test using their chefs, and they selected the "Houseblend" for their ships. Shalina has been supplying their coffee ever since.

Now, you may not be able to afford $30,000.00 for a one week cruise for you and your spouse, but you CAN afford to drink, what is agreed upon by 5 star chefs, as the best of the best coffee anywhere. 

Our goal is your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our coffee, simply return the unused portion for a full refund. Try it. You'll love it. We guarantee it!

Coffee Roasting...Our roasting plant operates in South Florida where we roast authentic specialty gourment arabics from selected regions throughout the coffee world. We are dedicated to uphold a consistent level of excellence...all of our world class coffees are roasted fresh daily to ensure consistent specialty quality characteristics.

The success of our business lies in the stable performance of quality and service earned with our customers. 

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