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Saeco Aroma SS Espresso / Cappuccino Machine * Redesign "Stainless Steel"

Saeco Aroma SS Espresso / Cappuccino Machine * Redesign "Stainless Steel"

Saeco Aroma SS Espresso / Cappuccino Machine * Redesign "Stainless Steel"
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Traditional Espresso Machine
Taste the Saeco Advantage

• Preassurized Portafilter: The Aroma uses a patented nickel plated pressurized portafilter that makes it easy to create the perfect espresso. The patented portafilter insures a great extraction of espresso by pressurizing the brewing chamber, creating the perfect brewing environment. This is accomplished through a small spring-loaded valve located below the filter basket. The valve remains closed until enough pressure builds to open and release the espresso. The high pressure forces the flavor and aroma out of the coffee, making delicious espresso with thick golden crema.
• Pod capacity: A special filter basket and a pod adapter accessory allows the pressurized portafilter to accommodate the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pods. The E.S.E. pods (which can be purchased) work perfectly with the right amount of coffee and leave no mess to clean up afterwards.
• Steam Wand with Pannarello Frother: Saeco’s steam wand with the Pannarello frother is perfect for making those delicious cappuccinos and lattes. The Pannarello is easy to remove and is made of two parts that can be disassembled for quick clean up. The wand is made fo stainless steel and swivels to accommodate different sized frothing pitchers or mugs.
• Hot Water Dispenser: If hot water is needed for Americanos, tea or hot chocolate, simply open the steam knob and turn on the brew switch. Hot water will be dispensed directly from the steam wand.

• Cup Warming Surface: Keep your cups warm and ready for espresso with the residual heat of the stainless steel boiler on the convenient polished stainless steel cup warming surface. Warm cups are essential to retaining crema from your espresso and keeping your espresso warm.
• Pump System: The Aroma features a powerful pump, rated at 15 bars (217.6 psi.) of pressure. Authentic Italian coffee requires this steady pressure to produce premium extraction.
• Boiler: The Aroma features a durable stainless steel boiler. The steel resists corrosion and ensures a longer life span for the machine.
• Removable Water tank: The Aroma features a large removable 85 oz water tank. Many delicious drinks can prepared before the tank needs to be refilled. The water tank is transparent, making it easy to check and maintain the water level.
• Housing: The body of the Aroma is constructed of durable stainless steel. The drip tray is also made of stainless steel, while the drip pan is made of ABS plastic.
Warranty: Two year limited


• Knock Block
• Ground Coffee Scoop
• Portafilter
• Instruction manual
• Quick Start Guide
• Pod / Filter Adapter

Product Specifications:

• Color: Stainless Steel
• Pump Pressure 15 bar
• Power: 950 Watt -120V- UL Listed
• Unit Size: 8”W x 10”D x 11.75”H
• Unit Weight: 14 lbs.
• Carton Size: 10”W x 11.75”D x 14”H
• Carton Weight: 16 lbs
• Over pack Size: 13.5”W x 15”D x 20.75”H
• Over Pack Weight: 20.5 lbs
• UPC Code: 7-08461-00035-4 (SS)

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