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Franke Spectra X-low Espresso Machine

Franke Spectra X-low Espresso Machine

Franke Spectra X-low Espresso Machine
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The most compact high-output coffee brewer on the market. The Spectra X offers high output in a minimum of space – and top quality using triedand- tested coffee-making technology combined with innovations in highoutput brewing methods. For instance dry instead of wet coffee-grounds discharge or whole beans as an alternative to ground coffee.

The Spectra X is only 30 cm wide and yet it features everything you expect from a high-output brewing unit. And more.

Top quality:
Making outstanding brewed coffee depends on two key factors: making sure the coffee is stored properly and processing it to perfection. The ground coffee is fed directly from the dosage unit to the brewing chamber. The overbrewing of the ground coffee is practically pressure-free. The brewed
coffee remains perfectly fresh inside a closed glass container that does not adulterate its taste in any way.

Ground coffee or whole beans:
For the coffee-making process you have a choice between ground coffee (dosage unit for 2 kg) and whole beans (grinder for 1.2 kg).

As much as you need:
The Spectra X has four brewing levels. That means you always prepare precisely the amount of coffee you need throughout the day.

Dry coffee grounds discharger:
With the new brewing process the coffee grounds are absolutely dry when ejected into the grounds container.

Automatic cleaning programme:
Simple and economical. All it takes to clean the Spectra X is one cleaning tablet. The cleaning programme ensures that the brewing chamber and the glass container are spotlessly clean.

Cups per hour..........Coffee / 300
(cups/hr)..................Hot water / 150 glasses/hr

Electrical connection:

* 200–240 V, 1L N PE, 4.5–5.9 kW, 30 A, 50/60 Hz
* 200–240 V, 3L PE, 4.5–5.9 kW, 16 A, 50/60 Hz
* 200–240 V, 3L PE, 7.0–9.2 kW, 16 A, 50/60 Hz
* 400 V, 3L N PE, 5.9 kW, 16 A, 50/60 Hz
* 400 V, 3L N PE, 9.2 kW, 16 A, 50/60 Hz

Module overview:

• Basic model with 1 ground coffee dosage unit
• Basic model with 1 grinder
• Hot-water dispenser
• Coffee pot dispenser for 25 cm dispensing height
• Coffee grounds chute built-in under the counter


300 x 580 x 710 W x D X H (mm)