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Franke Sinfonia-M-3M-H-CF Espresso Machine

Franke Sinfonia-M-3M-H-CF Espresso Machine

Franke Sinfonia-M-3M-H-CF Espresso Machine
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The Sinfonia is a musical delight for jaded taste buds. It offers the very finest in classic coffee enjoyment, being pre-programmed to give you nothing but the best coffee compositions. It delivers virtuoso performances in terms of quality and quantity. The Sinfonia is available as part of an ensemble, accompanied by one, two or three coffee grinders as required.

Hourly output

Caffé crème:
Milk coffee:
Latte macchiato:
Hot milk:
Cold milk:
Hot water:

300 cups/hrs
240 cups/hrs
220 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
30 litres/hrs

450 x 585 x 670 W x D X H (mm)
Power supply 230 V, 1 LN PE, 3,9 kW, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
230 V, 1 LN PE, 6,9 kW, 50/60 Hz, 30 A
230 V, 3 L PE, 6,9 kW, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
400 V, 3 LN PE, 6,9 kW, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
Special features

* Franke milk system
* Individual product programming and labelling
* Large graphic display with user guidance
* Expandable with up to three grinders

Extensions possibles:
A la carte options, billing systems
and add-on units.
Add-on units
Exquisit Chocolate Dispenser: Hot
chocolate at the touch of a button!
Two product buttons are used to
dispense portion sizes pre-programmable
between 20 and 350 ml.
Output: 22 litres per hour. The rinsing
button does all the cleaning, simply,
at any time and in minutes.
Refrigeration unit for fresh milk: Stores
milk at a constant 5 °C, in conditions
of perfect hygiene. Easy-to-clean
refrigerating compartment and milk
container. Refrigeration unit available
as an add-on for equipment versions
CF1 and CF2. Standard equipment
for the Franke milk system.
Option: lockable door.
Cup warmer for longer-lasting
coffee enjoyment: Constant, ideal cup
temperature, 2 heated storage
shelves, capacity up to 80 cups.
Options for the Sinfonia
• Second grinder
• Third grinder
• Special RAL colours
• Coffee grounds chute
• Self-service version
• Breakfast system
• Double cappuccinatore
• Autosteam/foaming aid
• Trolley for mobile use
Billing systems
Billing unit for all commercially
available systems: Casing attachment
or add-on unit that perfectly integrates
the required billing systems into the
coffee station. Fitting of coin validator,
coin changer and various debit-card
• U-Key/Legic/EC Cash
• Waiter control system
• Token validator, coin changer
• Chip-card system

Facts & Figures.

• Fully electronic control board with illuminated graphic display;
chip-card programming
• Graphic display for indicating the operating processes, and product
display on 4 levels (S4S©)
• 7 (8) buttons for coffee/milk products
• Up to 28 coffee products individually programmable
• Low-noise precision grinder with direct grinding
• Repeat programme for each product
• Height-adjustable coffee and milk dispenser from 75 to 180 mm
• High-performance piston coffee machine with pre-infusion
• Push-button hot-water dispenser
• Push-button steam dispenser, two-stage steam output
• 2 high-grade stainless steel boilers for coffee and hot water/steam
with automatic temperature control
• Automatic cleaning and rinsing programme
• Dry coffee grounds ejected into tray holding 80 to 100 portions, with
electronic overfill safeguard
• Plastic coffee-bean container, capacity 1.3 kg, removable
• Coffee-bean level monitoring
• Funnel for filling ground coffee manually
• Internal counter function for each product
• Prepared for connection to standard commercial dispensing and
billing systems
• Stainless steel and plastic casing in anthracite or silver
19 320’427/07.06/0/3e
Subject to dimensional and design changes.
MASCIADRI communication & design AG
Facts & Figures.
Electrical connection Coffee machine (selectable) Add-on units
230 V, 1LN PE, 3.9 kW, 50/60 Hz, 16 A Cup warmer: 230 V, 1LN PE, 150 W, 10 A
230 V, 1LN PE, 6.9 kW, 50/60 Hz, 30 A Refrigeration unit: 230 V, 1LN PE, 70 W, 10 A
230 V, 3L PE, 6.9 kW, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
400 V, 3LN PE, 6.9 kW, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
Other connection variants on request
Water connection Supply line Metal hose with union nut G3/8", I = 1.5 m
Water pressure 0.8 to 8.0 bar (80 to 800 kPa)
Water hardness max. 7° dH, 13° fH
Chlorine content max. 100 mg/l
Ideal pH value 7
Water outlet Outlet hose d = 16 mm, l = 2000 mm
Product output rates Espresso 300 cups/hour
Coffee 240 cups/hour
Hot water 30 litres/hour
Cappuccino 220 cups/hour
Caffè latte 220 cups/hour
Latte macchiato 120 cups/hour
Hot milk (2 dl) 120 cups/hour
Cold milk (2 dl) 150 cups/hour
Sinfonia standard types Output in kW Versions
M 1 M 3.9 M = grinder
M 1 M H 6.9 H = hot water
M 1 M HD 6.9 D = steam
M 1 M CF1/CF2 6.9
M 1 M H CF1/CF2 6.9 CF1 = foamed milk
M 1 M HD CF1/CF2 6.9 CF2 = foamed milk/hot milk
M 1 M H CF 6.9 CF = foamed milk/hot milk
M 1 M HD CF 6.9 cold milk