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Franke Foam Master FM840

Franke Foam Master FM840

Franke Foam Master FM840
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The Franke FoamMaster™ is a new generation of premium espresso / coffee machines. Is there a favorite beverage you long for? The FoamMaster™ will easily make your wish come true – from traditional coffees to warm Latte specialties or cold milk foam beverages. This all-purpose fully automatic machine is unbelievably versatile in its selection, in addition it is easy to use.
You can quickly and easily select your beverage program on the user friendly intuitive touchscreen menu and adjust it to your needs at any time. The modern design of the FoamMaster™ also leaves nothing to be desired. Shiny black, stylish design, it is a true visual treat that gives the finishing touch to any decor.
The FoamMaster™ is in the premium class of coffee machines for good reason: whether its traditional coffees or warm and cold milk creations with perfect foam of the proper consistency – with the FM840, you can effortlessly dispense your customers‘ every wish into a cup. Thanks to the revolutionary operating system with touchscreen navigation, operation is particularly easy, efficient and individually adjustable. In addition, it is a true visual delight with it shiny black panels and elegantly designed housing.

                    Intuitive Touchscreen
In a revolutionary step forward, the FM840 introduces intuitive touchscreen 
technology to the world of coffee machines. This technology makes it possible 
to easily, efficiently and flexibly configure the operation of the device. 
You can assemble your seasonal beverage selection, choose between four 
different operating modes and conveniently load images and advertising messages.                                     

Best milk foam quality
Foamed milk of barista quality at the touch of a button: the FM840 makes 
it possible. With this coffee machine, you can produce different milk foam 
consistencies at temperatures ranging from hot to cold for the same product, 
creating the perfect Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino. The milk is foamed 
quickly and gently – ensuring that the beverages come out just right every 

               Limitless beverage options

Combined with the Chocolate Powder dosing unit and the Flavour Station, the FM840 makes it
possible to prepare countless berverage creations just as you like them - from classic specialties to
original creations.  Make the FoamMaster™ your own personal favorite barista who knows all the
tricks and makes your every wish come true.

        Easy to clean
Even when it comes to cleaning and care, the FM840 is unbeatable: The proven 
Clean+Clever System from Franke ensures impeccable and simple cleaning of the 
device in a short amount of time. Thanks to this optimal cleaning system, the 
FoamMaster™ gives you ultimate enjoyment every day whille also ensuring HACCP 

    Attractive design 
Jet black, high gloss finish and timelessly modern in design, the FoamMaster™ 
underlines not only a sense of high quality but also a feeling of unrestricted 
ease and endless possibilities. The FM840 manages to deliver a full range of coffee
options in a single unit, and its elegant style adds the finishing touch to 
any decor. 

       Limitless Options
Allow the FoamMaster™ speak your language. With four attractive operating modes, 
personal screensavers, advertising surfaces and a limitless number of available
configurations, your coffee machine not only is an excellent barista but also becomes
an impressive ambassador for your business.

 Features include:
– Intuitive touchscreen navigation - technology allows easy, flexible 
and efficient menu configurations for device operation in 4 individual
– Delivers a variety of milk foam consistencies at the touch of a button
in both hot and cold temperatures, in addition can be programmed
independently for each beverage choice
– One touch grind, tamp & brew – produces up to 150 espressos per hour
– 100 products in 3 sizes with options for decaf beans, three syrup 
varieties and a chocolate powder hopper for unlimited beverage options
– Automatic dispensing outlet adjusts to appropriate cup height for each
beverage choice (up to 20oz cup)
– Standard programmable hot water dispenser
– Automatic rinse program to keep equipment clean throughout the 
day; quick and easy daily cleaning takes less than 10 minutes
– Free professional installation and 1 year periodic maintenance 
program is included
– 18 month parts and labor warranty – the longest standard warranty 
in the coffee industry
– Free 24/7/365 customer support program

 Cups Per Hour / FM840

Espresso 162 (232)
Cappuccino 161 (232)
Cafe Creme 115 (151)
Hot Water 168
Chocolate 156

 * Number of cups/hour as per DIN 18873-2 (when dispensing nothing other 
than the respective product; the values in brackets were determined in a
double cup mode). Output data apply only for a minimum flow pressure of 
2.6 bar.

Unit Height Width Depth Voltage/Phase/Cycle Wattage Amp Load Amp Circuit Plug Water Line Water Hardness Drain
208V/ 1 /60 4800W 24A 30 A NEMA
G- 3/8" 3-5 gpg 1" Vented 
3/8" Vented
Refrigerator 21"
110V/ 1 /60 100W 10A 15A NEMA
N/A N/A 1' Vented
3/8" Vented
Flavor Station 21"
110V/ 1 /60 75W 10A 15A NEMA

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