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Elektra Belle Epoque Verticale Commercial Espresso Machine - 3 group, copper & brass

Elektra Belle Epoque Verticale Commercial Espresso Machine - 3 group, copper & brass

Elektra Belle Epoque Verticale Commercial Espresso Machine - 3 group, copper & brass
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The Elektra Belle Epoque, portrays details that inspire these classic old world styled espresso machines. Unique and original with its sleek design, the Belle Epoque is in a class of espresso machines all of its own, where beautiful style, functionality, and dependability come together. The luster of its copper and brass metal, with a classic charm reminiscent of the early days of espresso that delivers an instant  impact on your guests and clients. Classic design coupled with the ability to brew exceptional espresso creates a memorable environment for all to enjoy. 
The Elektra Belle Epoque line includes  patented heat exchangers easily accessible from the rear panel, internal ridged steel frame, a filter inside the grouphead to trap foreign matter, six programmable doses for coffee, cappuccino and espresso beverages plus a manual override feature for the most discerning barista. The Belle Epoque line is well suited to cafes, hotels, private clubs, or anywhere in the hospitality industry where eye appeal and exceptional coffee beverages are demanded. 
  • Exclusive electronically controlled brewing temperature:
    • Electronic control of the boiler water temperature.
    • Brewing temperature is precision adjusted within (+/- 1 C).
  • Highly-polished finish in copper/brass accented with a dome and historic eagle.
  • Dual access windows for access to cup warming compartment.
  • Multi-directional steam wand and one hot water arm - each with a dedicated drip tray.
  • Three position power switch: off, boiler water refill/heating element off, full power on.
  • Gauge glass displays water level of  boiler.
  • Internal motor and adjustable volumetric pump with vibration damping fasteners.
  • Powerful heating element provides instant recovery while steaming milk.
  • Heating element is protected with a safety thermostat.
  • Dual manometer shows both pump brew pressure for extraction and boiler pressure for steaming.
  • Six programmable dosage buttons allows flexibility in dosing pre-measured amounts of water through the coffee grinds plus one manual dosage override button to use as a semi-automatic.
  • Strong steel frame with anti-rust unit connections.
  • A filter is located on each brew group to filter out particles.
  • Electronic control box is located near bottom of machine, away from damaging heat and humidity.


  • Approximate dimensions: 45" H x 27" W x 27" D (115 cm H x 68 cm W x 68 cm D).
    • From the right drip tray to the left: 32" (80 cm).
    • From the right group bell to the left: 29" (72.5 cm).
    • From the right filter holder handle to the left: 34" (86 cm).
  • Approximate weight: 158 pounds (72 kilograms).
  • Power: 5200 watts, 30 amps, 220 volts.
  • Boiler water capacity: 3.3 gallons (12.5 liters).
  • Groups: 3 groups
  • Color: Brass and copper.
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