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Elektra Belle Epoque Verticale Commercial Espresso Machine - 3 Group, Chrome

Elektra Belle Epoque Verticale Commercial Espresso Machine - 3 Group, Chrome

Elektra Belle Epoque Verticale Commercial Espresso Machine - 3 Group, Chrome
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The Elektra Belle Epoque 3 Group espresso machine is a work horse styled with old world charm. This original beauty with its high gloss chrome finish is not only a conversation piece for your clients, it joins together the charm of yesterday with the technology of today. Dependable functionality and a beautiful design all add up to an exceptional espresso coffee experience. 
Some of the many features of the Belle Epoque series include; Well engineered heat ex-changers, which are accessible through a panel from the rear of the unit. Structurally sound with an internal steel framework, a particle filter is located within the group-head.  You have the choice  of  selecting from six programmable  coffee beverage options.  In addition there is a manual override feature giving the barista  control over the brewing cycle.
Given Epoque's beauty along with brewing delicious espresso coffee beverages, add's up to a winning combination.
  • Exclusive, electronically controlled brewing temperature:
    • Boiler water temperature is controlled electronically.
    • Precision adjustment of the brewing water temperature within +/- 1 C.
  • Beautiful ultra highly-polished chrome finish accented with a stunning dome topped with an eagle.
  • Front located dual access windows for easy access to cup warming / storage area
  • The steam wand and the hot water arm are multi-directional , each with a dedicated drip tray.
  • The power switch is three positional: Off, boiler water refill/heating element off position, full power on during the brew cycle.
  • Round glass gauge allows for easy viewing of  the boiler water level. 
  • Internal motor with an  adjustable volumetric pump featuring vibration reduction fasteners.
  • Quick recovery heating element provides instant recovery while steaming milk.
  • Heating element features a safety thermostat.
  • The  pump brew pressure for extraction and boiler pressure for steaming milk are both monitored with a dual manometer.
  • Dosage options include six programmable buttons allowing  flexibility in the dosing of pre-measured quantities of water through the ground coffee, in addition to one manual dosage button to be used during  a semi-automatic mode.
  • Steel frame is secured with anti-rust unit connections.
  • Each brew group features its own particle filter.
  • The heart of the unit is a Electronic control box located near the bottom of the machine, away from excessive heat and humidity which can damage electronic parts.
  • Units approximate dimensions: 45" H x 27" W x 27" D (115 cm H x 68 cm W x 68 cm D).
    • From the left to the right right group bell: drip tray: 29" (72.5 cm).
    • From the left to the right drip tray: 32" (80 cm).
    • From the left to the right filter holder handle 34" (86 cm).
  • Weight (approx.) 158 pounds (72 kilograms).
  • Electrical: 5200 watts, 220 volts, 30 amps.
  • Boiler water capacity: 3.3 gallons (12.5 liters).
  • Groups: 3
  • Color: Chrome
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