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Elektra ART.T1 SIXTIES CHROME Commercial Espresso Machine

Elektra ART.T1 SIXTIES CHROME Commercial Espresso Machine

Elektra ART.T1 SIXTIES CHROME Commercial Espresso Machine
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Elektra Art.T1 Sixties Series Single Group Commercial Espresso & Cappuccino Machine


The Elektra Art.T1 brings commercial a grade machine and quality espresso to your home.

One of the main attractions of the Art.T1 Sixties espresso machine is the fact that Elektra engineered and manufactured a very compact machine with the amenities of much larger commercial machines. Designing a 5.5 liter boiler into such a compact machine was no easy feat. However, the small foot print of the Art.T1 is essential for the home environment. With a direct water line hook up and drain there is no longer any need to worry about filling the water reservoir. In addition the direct drain feature eliminates the need to empty the drip tray. Thereby its removal is only necessary for periodic cleaning.

With a high wattage boiler heating element (2200 watts) initial heat up and recovery time are quick, not to mention the added temperature stability. The Elektra Art.T1 generates sufficient passive heat to remove the chill from cups stored on the  top cup tray. ( Initial heat up time required to heat tray and cups)

The Art.T1 features six programmable buttons to customize your espresso beverages to your liking. These options determine the volume of water flowing through the espresso coffee. An additional "K" button overrides any presets and allows the machine to be used as a semi-automatic thereby starting or stopping the espresso extraction is controlled by the operator.


  • Commercial quality internal structural steel frame
  • Electronic sensor maintains boiler water lever assuring heating element remains submersed in water
  • Super highly-polished stainless steel finish
  • A filter within the grouphead removes any large contaminates that may have bypassed any malfunctioning external filter
  • Incorporated motor and positive displacement pump (rotary vane) with a vibration damping  design is quieter than tank model machines with a vibration pump 
  • Water and steam valves are controlled with pivotal levers
  • Anodized aluminum Elektra logo located on back of machine
  • The patented heat exchanger is accessible from top of the  boiler for easy inspection and cleaning maintenance  by a technician or capable home-owner
  • Double acting highly precision gauges monitor boiler steam pressure and pump water pressure (Without an in line water softener these gauges will be the first parts to fail due to limescale build up which is not covered by Elektra's parts warranty)
  • Steam wand is multi-directional and allows movement of  wand in many different direction
  • High quality bleeder valve releases vacuum pressure from the boiler so that steam wand need not be kept open upon next powering up of machine (without a water softener, this will be one of the first parts to fail due to limescale which is not covered under our parts warranty)
  • Heating element features a built-in safety thermostat for added protection - if the machine has power, but there is no water available from the plumbed cold water line, the machines heating element or pump can be damaged
  • Handles on porta-filter, valve controls and pull lever are high quality plastic bakelite. Wood is not used due to the damage that can occur from water, not to mention the bacterial concern
  • Electronic motherboard, the heart of the machine is positioned in a cool location and is protected against humidity
  • Included accessories;  1-cup and 2-cup filter baskets, single spout and double spout portafilter, operational instructions, and stainless steel braided hose for direct water connection


  • Approximate dimensions: 18.5" H x 14" W x 20" D without taking into account the  portafilter
  • Weight: 83 lbs. shipped via freight truck to curbside only - sorry, inside delivery is not available.
  • Power requirements: 2200 watts 20 amps dedicated breaker, 110 volts
  • Boiler Capacity: 5.5 liters
  • Grouphead: Brass single grouphead
  • Units are tested and calibrated (immediately prior to shipping) with water AND one shot of espresso, therefore it is not out of the question to find water or coffee residue in the machine.
  • Made in Treviso, Italy

Warranty: 2 Year parts only, linited to manufactures defect.
NO LABOR WARRANTY! Based on the substantial discount off the previous regular selling price of $4800.00, we can no longer include a labor warranty.