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Franke Evolution (ASP) Auto Steam Pro

Franke Evolution (ASP) Auto Steam Pro

Franke Evolution (ASP) Auto Steam Pro
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Autosteam Pro™ Technology
The easy to use Franke Evolution 2-Step is the proven powerhouse for the medium to high volume coffee/espresso businesses. Its Autosteam Pro™ technology is designed to blend milk, steam, and air to create perfect frothed milk.  This machine delivers consistent espresso quality of a super automatic machine while maintaining the personal cafe experience that customers demand and enjoy . The Evolution 2-Step is a coffee/espresso machine with character and the perfect solution for successful coffee programs in cafés, gourmet bakeries, natural markets, and specialty coffee shops alike. With its generous 2.9L boiler, the Evolution delivers industry leading performance for even the most challenging requirements. With its heated metal brewing chamber that delivers exceptional espresso every time, the Evolution 2-Step is a favorite within the coffee industry.

  • Autosteam Pro™ intelligent steam wand allows for programmable milk textures and controls temperatures
  • Easy single touch grinding and brewing
  • Econimical low total cost of ownership
  • One touch grind, tamp & brew – up to 150 2 oz espressos drinks per hour
  • Auto Steam Pro™ revolutionary intelligent steam wand with up to 8 programmable milk quality and temperature settings
  • Insulated for minimum heat transfer for added safety as well as heat retention
  • Simultaneously extract espresso and milk steaming for faster brewing
  • Two 2.5 lb. bean hoppers hold ample beans to produce 150 single shot espressos
  • 2 low-noise professional Ditting long life ceramic burr grinders
  • 4800W, 2.9L stainless steel boiler, no recovery time with temperatures that are very stable
  • Auto Steam Pro™ innovative steam wand with up to 8 programmable milk quality and temperature settings
  • Insulated for minimum heat transfer for additional safety
  • Standard programmable hot water outlet for tea or hot chocolate
  • Automatic rinse programable cycle to keep equipment clean throughout the day
  • Speedy and easy  routine daily cleaning (takes less than 10 minutes


The Evolution Autosteam Pro offers everything the discerning coffee lover desires in an espresso machine. This functional and compact machine is timeless in design, and yet focuses entirely on what’s essential; brewing unmistakable coffee beverages.

The bean hoppers are easily removable without additional tools thanks to the integrated slide gates. They feature optimal glide properties, despite the use of oily bean varieties.
The large product buttons are clearly arranged and can be individually programmed and labeled to meet your individual needs. You are always in control with this espresso machine with the ability to produce up to 20 individual coffee beverages.
Thanks to the adjustable dispenser height from 3 to 6 inches, all the popular cup sizes can be accomodated. The pre-heated metal brewing unit guarantees that the coffee is always at the optimal temperature and the cups are uniformely filled.
The automated rinse and cleaning cycle simplifies the maintenance and care of the machine. The dispenser is easy to remove, dismantle, clean and re-install. This ensures optimal hygiene and consistent high quality coffee. UL and NSF conformity is guaranteed.
With the Autosteam Pro steam wand customers personalized drink preferences are easy to achieve. Once espresso has been extracted, simply use the steam wand to perfectly blend steam, air, and milk to deliver the ideal frothed milk.The steam wand can be individually programmed for each unique beverage variety.

Product Output per hour *
Ristretto 180
Espresso 180
Coffee 120
Milkcoffee 120
Cappuccino 120
Latte Macchiato 120
Hot water 20lt
Cold milk 150
Hot milk 120
* Output depends on the chosen drink configuration.


width: 13" / 320 mm
height: 31" / 680 mm
depth: 24" / 600 mm

Machine weight

79 lbs / 36 kg

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