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La Nuova Era Cuadra Commercial Espresso Machine - V2

La Nuova Era Cuadra Commercial Espresso Machine - V2

La Nuova Era Cuadra Commercial Espresso Machine - V2
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Product Details
The La Nuova Era CuadraII now includes a redesigned anti-burn steam wand and anti-burn hot water wand.
Features a redesigned E61 grouphead and heat exchanger. You can now steam (Froth) milk and brew espresso simultaneously without a loss of steam. External Boiler pressure gauge is easy to view. Features a convenient refill spout, therefore eliminating the need to pull the machine forward to refill the reservoir.
The Cuadra’s main computer unit, pump, and solenoid valve are located at the bottom of the unit thereby avoiding damage from boiler heat. In addition these components are protected with a stainless steel covering that protects them from unintended contact with water. 
This unit is designed to commercial specifications and is an ideal machine where budget and portability are a concern.


  • E61 Grouphead: Hot water circulates from the heat exchanger to the grouphead and back to the heat exchanger to keep the grouphead and your units portafilter at optimal brewing temperature.
  • Anti-burn steam wand is Multi-directional: The steam wand pivots allowing the user to position wand for ease  of  steaming and milk frothing.
  • Pivotal anti-burn hot water wand: Allows easy movement for small or large cups. We suggest not drawing  more than 4 ounces at a time and and waiting for the pump to complete refilling the boiler before drawing an additional 4 ounces.
  • Manual 3 way grouphead valve: Allows for consecutive espresso extractions.
  • Large 1.8 liter copper boiler: Provides ample steam for home, lite commercial or office use.
  • XP700 Mater pressurestat: this upgraded model pressurestat regulates the steam pressure in the boiler.
  • Parker solenoid valve: Solenoid valve controls water refill of the boiler automatically.
  • Small-style over pressure valve: Small valve design allows for compact size of this machine.
  • Low water cut-off switch: Powers off the machine should the reservoir become low on water, located under the reservoir tank.
  • Anti-vacuum valve: Designed to remove any pressure from the boiler once the unit cools.
  • Removable water reservoir: Designed for easy cleaning and removal. Recommended that reservoir be cleaned with detergent at  two weeks intervals.
  • Gauge: External easy to read gauge measures boiler pressure.
  • Frame: Non polished stainless steel.
  • Body: Polished chrome colored acrylic side panels, satin finish stainless steel back panel, and front face polished vertical body panel.
  • Stainless steel drip tray: Slides out (Removable) from the machine for ease of cleaning. Acrylic insert with stainless steel drip tray cover add for a stylish touch.
  • Stainless steel cup warmer tray: Must be removed to access the water reservoir for refilling. As with any passive heat  machine, cups can require up to 2 hours to preheat using a cup warming tray. An option is to use use the hot water wand to remove the chill from your cups.
  • Accessories included: Single dose 58 mm filter basket, double dose 58 mm filter basket, one dual dispensing 58 mm brass portafilter with plastic commercial grade handle, rubber insert for backflushing of machine, cheap plastic tamper, coffee measuring scoop, grouphead cleaning brush, water softener, instructional manual, water tank refill spout. and removable electric cord for use in a 110 volt el


  • Dimensions: 15" H x 14.5" W x 17" D (38.1 cm H x 36.83 cm W x 43.18 cm D).
  • Weight: 38 lbs. (17.24 kilograms).
  • Power: 1200 watts / 110-120 volts.
  • Boiler capacity: 0.48 gallons (1.8 liters).
  • Water reservoir capacity: 0.79 gallons (3 liters).
  • Drip tray capacity: ~25 ounces.
  • Color: Polished chrome.
  • ETL Listed: Many more expensive machines do not achieve this rating from a product safety testing agency.
  • Made in Italy

Warranty Limited to Manufacturer's Defect:  2 Year Parts & Labor

Consumer Notes:

  1. WARNING: This notice is to prevent damage to your machine. Upon initial start up (first time or any time after the boiler was drained), it is very important to make certain the pump is actually pumping water from the reservoir. When the machine is initially powered on, you will hear the pump running. Within 5-10 seconds, you can squeeze the hoses in the reservoir and release..... if you hear a different sound, this means the pump is working properly. If not, immediately power down the machine and contact customer service.
  2. WARNING: Before operating the machine (first time or any time after machine is transported or softener is removed), please inspect the water softener in the reservoir to make certain it is not leaking any resins into the intake hose. This unit can be removed from the hose for inspection. If the water softener is damaged in transit, please do not use and contact customer support for a replacement. If it leaks any resins at any time, please do not use the machine as resins will damage pump.
  3. CARE:
    1. We suggest backflushing the grouphead once every 50 espresso extractions to maintain optimal function and taste.
    2. We suggest recharging the water softener once a month and replacing it once per year. The machine comes with one water softener in the reservoir.
    3. We suggest descaling the boiler once every month. Remember to remove the water softener before beginning to  descaling the boiler.
  4. Upon receiving this machine, you will find a notice inside by La Nuova Era stating that your machine has been checked and tested using coffee and water. Although it has been thoroughly cleaned, it may still contain minute traces of coffee or water.