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La Marzocco Swift Coffee Grinder

La Marzocco Swift Coffee Grinder

La Marzocco Swift Coffee Grinder
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La Marzocco Swift
Top Quality with Consistency

Consistency, Superior quality, Conservation, and Speed.
The new Swift EPSB fulfills your cafe's coffee grinding
needs..... It grinds, doses and tamps ground coffee
directly into your espresso machines portafilter,
thereby eliminating the need to do this function manually.
The Swift measures and doses ground coffee by volume,
not time, therefore waste and dose inconsistencies are
all but eliminated.
Given the fact you grind and dose on demand, not in
bulk, the Swift EPSB improves coffee freshness while
maintaining its aroma.  

Grinding, dosing, and tamping on demand are the features unique to the Swift Espresso Preparation System (EPS). It dramatically improves beverage consistency in places where training is a concern, eliminates coffee waste, and bridges the gap between traditional and superautomatic technology while maintaining state of the art quality in the cup.
Swift's steel body panel comes in 2 standard colors, red and black. Custom automotive colors available.
Swift Ceramic Flat Burrs
• Grinding, dosing, and tamping on demand at the touch of a button, reducing waste and maximizing freshness
• Continuously tamps as coffee is ground
• Two powerful grinders, one for regular and one for decaf
• Ceramic flat burrs keep cool even during high volumes
Swift Close Up
• Dosing by volume
• Automated tamping
• Consistent reproducibility regardless of volume
Swift Grinding Chamber Diagram
• High performance ceramic flat burrs reduce heat transference to a minimum while maintaining sharpness
• Adjustable grinding and dosing
• Durable stainless steel construction in standard or custom colors

Grinder motor  2
Burr type  Flat ceramic
Construction  Stainless steel
Approvals  CE, UL, NSF
Hoppers  2
Grind  Adjustable
Dose  Adjustable
Safety switch  Yes
Coffee bean hopper capacity  2x 4.4 lbs
Height  25.75"
Width  13.75"
Depth  14"
Weight  75 lbs
Voltage  110 or 220 V
 single phase
Amperage  15 or 7.5 A