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La Marzocco GB/5 Series Espresso Machine

La Marzocco GB/5 Series Espresso Machine

La Marzocco GB/5 Series Espresso Machine
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La Marzocco
Technology Meets Legendary Craftsmanship

La Marzocco Logo

La Marzocco is the official sponsor of World Barista Championship

Handcrafted in Florence, Italy in the traditions of quality, reliability, technology, innovation, and design, La Marzocco espresso machines have been brewing superb espressos since 1927. La Marzocco is highly regarded as the gold standard in the specialty coffee industry.

Setting the Bar Higher



The GB/5 boasts the most advanced technology in the industry: PID temperature controls, brew water pre-heating system, and adjustable steam flow. With its saturated brew groups and dual boiler technology in stainless steel, the GB/5 ensures maximum temperature stability for coffee brewing, with electronic monitoring of all the machine functions. The GB/5 is ideal for the most classic & elegant cafés.
GB/5 Boiler Guages
Dual brew and steam boilers operate at independently controlled temperatures, adjustable to 0.1°F
Saturated brew groups made of solid stainless steel provide the most stable thermal mass
• Extensive backup and bypass features allow uninterrupted service even during maintenance or service

Dual Boiler System

Water Flow Diagram in La Marzocco's Dual Boiler System

3D Rendering of La Marzocco's Dual Boiler System

La Marzocco's dual boiler system provides ample milk steaming power while maintaining optimum brewing temperature. Introduced by La Marzocco in the original GS series in 1971, this system revolutionized commercial espresso machines.

Espresso machines have two primary functions, brewing espresso and steaming milk, each with its own ideal temperature. In the commonly used heat exchanger system, the brew water reaches the boiling point by means of thermal equilibrium, and thus burns the coffee during brewing. Also, the brew water experiences significant temperature fluctuations during high volume due to its indirect heating model. Most heat exchanger systems on the market are made of brass or other economical materials.

In La Marzocco's dual boiler system, a dedicated boiler produces steam and another heats brew water. This allows independent temperature control of the brew water from the steam. It also
produces ample power to meet high demands of milk steaming. All La Marzocco boilers are made of high quality stainless steel, both durable and effective in maintaining temperature.

Along with the PID control system and saturated groups, thermal stability is contained within +/-0.5°C. With La Marzocco, consistency is the rule, not the exception.




Saturated Groups

La Marzocco's Brew Water Boiler with Welded Saturated Group Heads
Old Saturated Group Drawing
La Marzocco Saturated Group Drawing from 1979 (old bolted group shown)

La Marzocco's patented saturated group design is instrumental in delivering consistent brew water temperature during the brewing process.

Conventional group head design features a large block of brass or other metals with indirect heat from the boiler via conduction. This results in cooler temperatures further away from the boiler point of attachment, thus affecting the brew water temperature as it travels to the coffee.

La Marzocco's saturated group design eliminates such temperature discrepency by thermally incorporating the brew boiler and the group head essentially as one. Constructed of stainless steel and welded onto the brew boiler, the saturated group acts as an extension of the brew boiler, with the same operating temperature. During brewing, water is drawn from inside the group head and travels through a tube and passes through the diffuser block and screen where it then meets tamped coffee.

With the optional Piero Cap Kit, the flowmeter is enclosed entirely within the saturated group head, completely eliminating any external path of the brew water.

Along with the PID control system and dual boilers, thermal stability is contained within +/-0.5°C. With La Marzocco, consistency is the rule, not the exception.

GB/5 Front
Thermal Stability
PID control system contains temperature variation to within +/- 0.5°C, a true industry record
• Brew water pre-heating system pre-heats incoming water before entering the brew boiler
• High quality stainless steel boilers and brew groups

PID Control System

GB/5 comes standard with PID Control System
Graph Illustrating PID vs. a Conventional Thermostat
PID control system, as featured in La Marzocco GB/5, FB/80, GS/3, and the PID Kit, enables unprecedented heating control.

In conventional electromechanical thermostats, the heating element turns off when the temperature reaches a given set point. However, the heating element, while still hot, continues to heat the water, ultimately raising the temperature beyond the desired setpoint. Similar overshooting issue arises when the setpoint is set lower to counter overheating. The best solution is to narrow the bandwidth (the difference between on and off setpoints).

By contrast, a PID control system uses an algorithm (proportional, integral, derivative) in which a real time measurement of the heating process is constantly fed back to the control device to ensure that the desired setpoint is being realized. It is also self-correcting over time and accommodates to any unusual changes. The result is consistent significantly narrower bandwidth.

Along with the dual boiler system and saturated groups, thermal stability is contained within +/-0.5°C. With La Marzocco, consistency is the rule, not the exception.
GB/5 LCD Display
• Omni-directional steam wands allow more efficient beverage preparation
• Generous space between the group and the drain tray, allowing a greater variety of cup sizes
• All stainless steel construction and handmade in Italy under traditions of award-winning craftsmanship
GB/5 2 Group automatic (AV) or semi-automatic (EE)
GB/5 3 Group automatic (AV) or semi-automatic (EE)
GB/5 4 Group automatic (AV) or semi-automatic (EE)
Engineering 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group
Stainless steel boilers 2 2 2
Boiler capacity (brew/steam) 3.4 / 7.0 liters 5.0 / 11.0 liters 3.4 x 2 /
14.5 liters
PID temperature control Yes Yes Yes
Brew water pre-heating system Yes Yes Yes
Saturated brew groups Yes Yes Yes
Construction Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Approvals CE, UL, NSF CE, UL, NSF CE, UL, NSF
Digital LCD display Yes Yes Yes
Multifunction keypads Yes Yes Yes
Omni-directional steam wands 2 2 2
Hot water dispenser Yes Yes Yes
Temperature increments 0.1°F 0.1°F 0.1°F
Programmable pre-infusion Yes Yes Yes
Shot chronograph per group Yes Yes Yes
Leg height 4.0 - 5.5" 4.0 - 5.5" 4.0 - 5.5"
Height 22" 22" 22"
Width 29.5" 37.5" 46.5"
Depth 22.5" 22.5" 22.5"
Weight 141 lbs 163 lbs 207 lbs
Voltage 208-240 V, single phase 208-240 V, single phase 208-240 V, single phase
Amperage 25 A 35 A 45 A
Wattage 4600 W 6100 W 8000 W