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Gaggia for Illy Plus Single Serve

Gaggia for Illy Plus Single Serve

Gaggia for Illy Plus Single Serve
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Two of the most celebrated Italian espresso brands, Gaggia and Illy, have teamed up to introduce a single-serve machine, that consistently delivers authentic beverages using the famous iperEspresso capsules. 

This attractive machine features a glossy exterior made of durable ABS plastic and easy to use push-button controls. Engraved with an Illy flower design, the front panel has a unique cup holder and drip tray that can be positioned two different ways; it can be lowered to accommodate tall glasses or raised to fit smaller cups.

Despite its compact size, the Gaggia for Illy Plus still packs a punch, with a 15 bar pump and stainless steel boiler. To make your favorite beverage, simply insert an iperEspresso capsule into the machine and press the brew button. Fresh espresso will be poured directly into your cup! Hassle-free and low maintenance, the Gaggia for Illy Plus automatically disposes spent capsules into a dedicated capsule container.

Brewing Capabilities
The Gaggia for Illy Plus has dedicated on/off, cup-volume, and steam controls. The programmable cup-volume button allows you to adjust the amount of espresso brewed, ensuring an enjoyable cup every time.

Steaming and Frothing
While many single-serve machines do not have steaming and frothing capabilities, the Gaggia for Illy Plus has an integrated steam wand and hot water dispenser, making milk-based beverages and teas a breeze to prepare. The wand can swivel side to side, to allow for easy cup placement; it also has a no-burn grip for your safety.


  • Internal Mavea Water Filter – Uses a four-stage filtration process to purify tap water and help reduce scale and mineral buildup
  • Removable 1- liter (33.8oz) water reservoir
  • Easy to use one-touch opreation
  • 15 bar pump pressure 
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Works exclusively with Illy IperEspresso capsules (sold separately)
  • Automatically discards used capsules
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