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The Flair is the ideal coffee machine for anyone wanting to serve a perfect coffee without needing the performance of a large machine.
In addition to the well-known features of the market-proven Saphira, the Flair boasts a number of additional innovations, including the output of steam and hot water from separate nozzles simultaneously. It also has ten individually programmable buttons, and you can heat or froth milk automatically, allowing you to prepare a latte macchiato at the touch of a button.

Daily output The unit is designed to handle an average daily output of approx. 100 cups
Max. output 2 cups of coffee/espresso/cappuccino/latte macchiato/hot milk/hot water per minute

423 x 542 x 523 to top of bean hopper W x D x H (mm)
Power supply 1×230 V AC, 2,3 kW, 10 A
Water supply

5.5 litre side watertank.
Permanent connection to water mains (optional)

Residual water
1.5 litre drip tray with monitoring. Fixed drain (optional)
Bean hopper 2, each containing 250 g
Grounds container 40 cakes

The fine art of coffee in irresistible
A certain added refinement.
Operating panel
Simple and efficient. With its ergonomic
operating panel with eight product buttons
for coffee and milk specialities and
a clearly arranged LCD the machine is
ideally suited for every application – in
both self-service operation and waiter
operation. The product labelling can
be fully customised. There are also two
separate dispensers for hot water and
steam. So easy operation and extremely
simple handling are the key characteristics
of the Flair.
Customised settings
If required, the customer has the possibility
of setting his own key parameters
for the amount of coffee to be ground
and the amount of water required or
even the coffee temperature, quickly and
individually. The coffee output itself is
monitored by various counter functions.
To change the products you wish to
offer, simply reprogramme the new product
and alter the product name on the
display – no need to call out customer
service. Each individual setting is always
confirmed by the corresponding reading
on the display.
Dispenser area/operating area
Adaptable and sturdy. The steplessly
height-adjustable coffee/milk dispenser
(75–150 mm) means you can use all
the popular sizes of cups and containers.
With this combined dispenser, coffee
and milk products are obtained at the
touch of a button, without having to
shift cups and glasses out of the way
first. The dispenser is extremely easy
to dismantle and can be cleaned in a
dishwasher without any problem.
The integrated automatic rinsing, cleaning
and descaling programme for the
coffee and milk unit greatly facilitates
the maintenance and care of the coffee
machine, and ensures optimum hygiene
and a consistently high coffee quality.