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Franke Evolution-EII-2M-HD-anthracite

Franke Evolution-EII-2M-HD-anthracite

Franke Evolution-EII-2M-HD-anthracite
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The moderately sized Evolution is an elite performer. The entry-level model alone has everything you need. There is almost nothing its sophisticated technology cannot handle. Its elegance is the delight of catering professionals, which is why the Evolution has so many admirers throughout the industry, in restaurants, bars, hotels, large canteens and the vending sector. In short, it’s a coffee machine with character.

Features of the Evolution entry-level and top-level models
Evolution Basic-level model Top-level model
Output per hour
Latte macchiato
Hot milk
Cold milk
Hot water
120 cups/hrs
180 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
20 litres/hrs
180 cups/hrs
240 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
25 litres/hrs
Power supply
Voltage, fuse rating power, frequency
230 V,1LN PE,10 A
2,2 kW, 50/60 Hz
400 V,2LN PE,16 A
5,2 kW, 50/60 Hz
W × D × H (mm)
320 × 600 × 675
320 × 600 × 675
Special features

* Customised product labelling
* Up to 20 individually programmable coffee products
* Automatic cleaning and rinsing programme
* Franke milk system

Refined in every detail.
Operating panel
The focus is on easy operation.
The large, clearly arranged product
buttons are individually programmed
and labelled. Whether in self-service
operation with a maximum of 6 coffee
products or in the operated version
with up to 20 different coffee products:
you’re always in control.
Customer settings
The intelligent chip cards allow the
user to set the key parameters himself
in a matter of seconds, i.e. the
amount of coffee to be ground and the
amount of water and to correct any
setting errors – without having to call
out customer service. After installation
the optimum setting values are stored
on a chip card, from where they can
be downloaded at any time.
The integrated automatic rinsing
and cleaning programme for the coffee
and milk unit greatly facilitates
the maintenance and care of the
coffee machine, and ensures optimum
hygiene and a consistently high
coffee quality.
Dispenser area/operating area
Variable and sturdy. With the height
of the coffee/milk dispenser adjusted
steplessly from 80 to 150 mm, you
can use all the popular sizes of cups
and containers without problem.
The optimised coffee supply system
and the combined dispenser guarantee
that the coffee is always at the
ideal temperature and that cups are
filled evenly when using the doubledispenser
system. The dispenser
is extremely easy to dismantle and
can be cleaned in a dishwasher
without any problem.