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Franke Evolution-EII-2M-H-CF

Franke Evolution-EII-2M-H-CF

Franke Evolution-EII-2M-H-CF
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The moderately sized Evolution is an elite performer. The entry-level model alone has everything you need. There is almost nothing its sophisticated technology cannot handle. Its elegance is the delight of catering professionals, which is why the Evolution has so many admirers throughout the industry, in restaurants, bars, hotels, large canteens and the vending sector. In short, it’s a coffee machine with character.

Features of the Evolution entry-level and top-level models
Evolution Basic-level model Top-level model
Output per hour
Latte macchiato
Hot milk
Cold milk
Hot water
120 cups/hrs
180 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
20 litres/hrs
180 cups/hrs
240 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
120 cups/hrs
150 cups/hrs
25 litres/hrs
Power supply
Voltage, fuse rating power, frequency
230 V,1LN PE,10 A
2,2 kW, 50/60 Hz
400 V,2LN PE,16 A
5,2 kW, 50/60 Hz
W × D × H (mm)
320 × 600 × 675
320 × 600 × 675
Special features

* Customised product labelling
* Up to 20 individually programmable coffee products
* Automatic cleaning and rinsing programme
* Franke milk system

The milk system – versatility made easy.
System-based milk preparation
With the Franke milk system, cappuccino,
café latte, latte macchiato,
and hot and cold milk are whisked
into your coffee cup in an instant.
The milk dispensing head is integrated
directly into the coffee machine’s
dispenser system, which means you
can dispense coffee and milk simultaneously
using a single or double dispenser.
The milk output sequence is
programmable – either before, during
or after the coffee. The compressor
refrigerator stores the milk at a constant
cool 5 °C so that up to 6 litres
of milk can be kept fresh for an extended
period. The integrated electronic
pump, which is electronically controlled
and adapted to the programming
of the coffee machine, ensures
that the milk is dispensed in precise
doses. The modular milk system is
easy to operate and to clean – and is
ideally integrated into the design of
the Evolution.
For an immaculate appearance the
automatic rinsing and cleaning
programme makes sure the milk is
processed under totally hygienic
conditions at all times. The entire milk
system is rinsed automatically either
each time a product is dispensed
or after a pre-programmable period of
time. The dispenser head is easily
accessible and, if the need arises, it
can be removed for cleaning without
the need to call out customer service.
Milk preparation at a glance
• Cold milk dispenser
• Adjustable milk temperature
• Consistent dosing
• Automatic cleaning and rinsing
• Level monitoring with visual
indication on the machine’s display
• Milk products halted when
the milk container is empty
• Suitable for self-service and for
connection to billing systems
• Cup monitoring (self-service)
• External “milk empty” indicator
• Double cappuccinatore CF